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This organization has been established with a vision of a bright future for children in Kenya. Over the years, the standard of education in rural public primary schools has deteriorated affecting students' performance drastically.

The responsibility of equipping students with basic tools for adequate learning has been left to parents or guardians who can barely put food on the table. They are mainly casual laborers or older grandparents. The number of orphans in the three schools this organization is presently working with is overwhelming. Children go hungry, are without water the whole day. The needs are overwhelming. 

This has resulted in children dropping out of school and failing final primary school exams. This in turn affects their future and many of them end up becoming casual laborers like their parents or turning to illegal ways of earning a living.

After identifying this major problem, Shine the Light Kenya has taken the responsibility of working with parents and teachers to ensure that students are equipped with the tools they require in order to graduate from primary school and move on to high school and college.

It is our goal to break the poverty cycle and raise the living standard in the communities we work with. Join us on this journey.
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Shine the Light Kenya.
Shine the Light Kenya... Helping make a brighter future for our children.
July 2015

Back from a very successful trip to Kenya! We're excited to announce that sustainable programs have been initiated! 

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"ni inyui utheri wa thi"
(in Kikuyu)

"You are the light of the world" let your light shine!