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Shine the Light Kenya... Helping make a brighter future for our children.
In the rural schools children walk long distances to school, and we believe it's important that they sit on desks that are both safe and comfortable during the long school hours. On our visit to the schools we witnessed students sitting on broken or cheap desks (little more than pieces of wood joined together by unskilled craftsmanship). The rest of the children sat on dirt floors because their parents could not afford to buy desks.

It's not unusual to see books that are soiled and torn due to lack of desks. These children don't have lockers and the desks we saw did not have a lockable storage shelf. Children carry the few books they do have in plastic bags because they can't afford to buy backpacks. What’s worse, due to lack of secure desks those who can afford to buy a few books lose them to theft.

One parent told us that due to lack of secure desks, parents in one school bought books for students to share, but someone broke into the school and stole them. Parents agree that in order to keep books clean and safe children need secure desks that they can lock.

Shine The Light Kenya looks forward to meeting this very important need. Thank you for your support.

Support their basic needs...
Rungiri Primary School 2014 making desks out of trees that are considered not good for the environment