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Thank you for visiting our donations page. We welcome your support at any level. We value all kinds of support, as our mission is a great one. Please consider making a donation today. If you would like to get involved beyond providing money, please email us at today.

​Shine the Light Kenya Jitegemee initiative has two set goals to achieve by June 2015 in the three schools we are working with:  These goals will involve the parents, teachers, and students.  Our goal is to uplift the living standard of the community, with the goal of improving students performance.
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By the sale of crops like tomatoes, cucumbers and passion fruits planted in the greenhouse, which have a good market value, the community will be able to earn an income. This income will allow them to meet other needs like stationary, sports equipment and school renovations as well as start a feeding program within the school.  We intent to build a greenhouse in each school.  Shine the Light Kenya has identified a company that will install the greenhouses and educate the community on how to use them.
​It is our goal to ensure that girls stay in school.  This program will provide reusable sanitary pads to girls.  The parents and teachers have been educated. 

Shine the Light Kenya is working on buying sewing machines and materials needed to make reusable sanitary pads.

We look forward to having donors who will help us achieve this goal.
As always Shine the Light Kenya is looking for donations of items like pencils, rulers, sports equipment and 6 up to date laptops for teachers.