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Shine the Light Kenya... Helping make a brighter future for our children.
This is a difficult topic to address, but we can't evade it because the need is overwhelming. Shine the Light Kenya is working with girls who come from under-privileged families and can't even entertain the idea of having sanitary pads.

These girls use whatever they can find, usually old, ragged pieces of cloth. These rags need to be washed because they are used multiple times and without water, these girls are exposed to multiple infectious diseases. With the added problem of not having proper latrines this issue becomes even more complicated.

It is common for girls to skip school every month during their periods. Teachers agree that this is a problem that greatly affects girls' education, mostly in rural schools. Girls are more likely than boys to drop out of school or not graduate to high school due to low grades because of lack of proper care.

A Kenyan Presidential Elections candidate said during their campaign in 2012, ''I will make sure that girls are provided with sanitary pads during their final national exams." It is sad to admit that this is an issue that requires massive intervention in Kenya.
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September, 2014: Shine the Light Kenya in collaboration with Days for Girls International Seminar for Women at Rungiri Primary School