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Shine the Light Kenya... Helping make a brighter future for our children.
During my mission trip at Mapela Village, Limpopo Province, South Africa, one thing amazed me. Our team was made aware that most of the children we met in the nursery, primary and secondary schools did not have parents or guardians living with them. In most cases the children in secondary schools took the role of being parents to their younger siblings. I met with children who lived on their own because their parents either died of HIV, or they had to work in big cities (like Pretoria) and couldn't return home for months.

 While all these children appeared healthy, I found out from the teachers that most of these children had only one main meal a day. What’s more amazing is this one meal was the one they were served in school.

During my visits to the schools with whom I work in Kenya, I came to find that none of these schools had a feeding program. One school had a kindergarten class and was required to feed these children. I was taken to the structure used to prepare the food but found only a pair of small cooking pots and some firewood. This pathetic facility would be barely enough to prepare food for one person, and it was being used for an entire class.

Most children in these schools stay hungry the whole day because their parents or guardians are unable to provide them with food to carry to school. Most children are malnourished and look small for their age. It is sad to know that these children are required to learn the whole day without food or water. This affects their learning capability.

Shine The Light Kenya looks forward to starting and maintaining school feeding programs in all the schools with whom we're working in order to ensure that children are able to learn and be in good health. We appreciate any support in this effort.

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