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Kigaa Primary
Our hearts are for Kenyan schools...
Situated in Gatundu Division, Kiganjo, Location in Kiambu district, Kigaa Primary school is the brain-child of elders known as Mbari-ya-Mbogo headed by one John Icangai and his clan-man Anthony Wakiiru Nguuku.

This school caters to about 600 pupils. Due to lack of facilities, their performance is below average and only a handful make it to secondary school. Over 200 pupils are either orphans or being brought up by one parent.
Others are cared for by their grandparents who toil to put food on the table. Most of these children are malnourished and quite often do not know where their next meal is coming from, hence poor performance in class work.

Some students are accepted to high school but many among them do not go due to lack of school fees. This means that the cycle is started all over again, and they join the parents doing menial jobs to have at least one meal.

The school has two toilets, the third one caved in due to poor structure and quality of materials used. Children are forced to wait in long lines to use these toilets, in between classes.

Children are required to bring water to school, since there's no water provided. These children draw water from a local stream which is a health hazard. Near the source of this stream, there is a coffee factory that dumps their waste water which is full of insecticides. They do not have a choice.

There is no library and the room meant for their text books is bare. One kind soul decided to give the children aspiring to be doctors a picture of the heart painted on one of the school walls.

Due to lack of space, a play ground is non-existent. All they have is a sisal fiber rope tied between two posts for recreation.

This school was born out of frustration in that the land belonged to the said clan Mbari-ya-Mbogo.It was such a small piece of land compared to the heirs in this huge clan, so it was suggested that since selling the land would not give enough money to go round the clan and selling to one of their own might in future bring chaos from their children, they had to make a decision on what to do with the land.

Unanimously they reached the decision to donate this land to the public and future generations. All these elders are long since departed. They decided that since there was no nursery school close-by in a population that was increasing rapidly, to build one as the land measured about 1/4 of an acre.

In 1980 this was fulfilled and a smaller piece of land was added from an adjacent church compound. The school was not affiliated to the church neither was it a District Education Board (D.E.B) project like all government schools are supposed to be.

As time went by, the school expanded to accommodate lower and later upper primary school. This served the area well since the nearest nursery school was many miles away. Besides, the church ground donated enabled them to expand the school. 

The chairman for the school Mr. Ngei provided this information and said that any form of assistance would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
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