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Shine the Light Kenya... Helping make a brighter future for our children.
​When I travel in Kenya rural areas, my main concern is whether I'll find a latrine that has running water. It is common to find a pit latrine with no sanitation, and even toilet paper is a luxury in most areas.

In all the schools with whom we work, there are only a few pit latrines and some of them don't even have doors. It is pathetic to learn that girls stand at the doors of the latrines that don't have doors and cover the doorway with their dresses as their friends use the latrines in limited privacy. These girls also can't afford sanitary pads, so blood-borne pathogens are more easily transmitted.

These latrines are built out of old, rusty iron sheets with holes and can easily cause injuries. Students have to line up and wait in order to use the few available latrines during their break times. There is no toilet paper and no water in the schools which exacerbates this major health hazard.

The latrine floors are filthy, wet and covered with urine and fecal matter. Many students are forced to stand on these floors in bare feet because their parents can't afford to buy them shoes. Students are exposed to countless diseases just because this one basic need has been neglected.

Shine The Light Kenya looks forward to building latrines that are affordable and meet the needs of these students. Please join us in this effort.
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