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Nguku Primary
Our hearts are for Kenyan schools...
Nguku Primary school is located in Kigumo division, Murang’a County in Central Kenya. The school was established in 1958 by the Catholic Church in collaboration with the local community. Today the parents are not able to replace the old structures that were put in place over forty years down the line due to poverty in the area. The parents are unable to provide basic needs like writing materials and text books to compliment the few available from the Free Primary Education government program initiated in the year 2003 to-date. If financial assistance is given to this institution the academic standards will improve and the security of the pupils will be enhanced.

The school enrollment will also increase and the burden of purchasing some crucial items like text books will ease for the parents.

Although the target will be Nguku primary school, the general community in the area will benefit from the opportunities created by the positive learning environment which will be available for their children. For now, the classroom situation is pathetic and some students sit on benches while being taught and have no desks to place their books on while reading or writing. Children come to school bare-foot or with worn-out shoes and are exposed to injuries and infections.

The age range in Nguku is between 5 to 15 yrs. Some of these pupils are under the care of their aged grandparents who can hardly afford the basic needs. Some miss lessons due to lack of food and multiple chores they are required to perform at home, like fetching firewood and water, among many others.

Pupils have to bring in or fetch water to take to school from a dam which is a reservoir very far away to pour on the earthen floors of their classrooms in a bid to minimize attacks to their feet by jiggers. The pupils also carry books with polythene bags as they can’t afford decent bags.

Classes 6, 7 and 8 pupils drop out of the school before they complete the course due to social and economic factors. Boys drop out of school for economic reasons. Sometimes they join illegal sects like 'mungiki’ where they are paid to commit minor offences like stealing chickens and sugar cane among other items for the sect members. Girls drop out due to problems related to menstruation since their parents cannot afford to provide them with sanitary towels. They keep missing school for some days every month until they cannot catch up with school work.

Overall the school has performed poorly due to the above and many other factors affecting these pupils who often end up in very poor secondary schools or none at all. Data collected the last five years shows that only 46 girls joined post primary schools out of 271 while 95 boys out of 242 joined local day secondary schools. This poor performance is also as a result of poverty since parents are unable to provide for the basic needs. This cycle continues and becomes worse with more and more children becoming adults.

Let's join our efforts to break this cycle.
Thank you.