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Shine the Light Kenya... Helping make a brighter future for our children.
When we visited the schools we work with, we noted that each one of them is built of concrete and the structures are strong. They are built to last for a long time. Through the years, these buildings have not been renovated. We found cracks in walls that needed to be repaired. This happened after a minor earthquake in one of the schools. The walls inside the classrooms need painting.

 All the buildings are roofed with iron sheets and these wear out with time and though wear and tear, start leaking when it rains. We went during the rainy season and we found out that there were leaking roofs in all the schools. Some of these schools collect rain water into large storage tanks connected to these roofs. With rusted roofs, it's evident that the water being collected could cause metal poisoning when used in the schools.

The school floors that were originally clean and cemented are worn out with holes exposing soil (dirt). Some of the holes are deep and in some classrooms, no cement (concrete) remains. The floors are all dirt. Students are given the responsibility of pouring water on these floors during the dry season and sweeping them to minimize dust and ticks. Children who can't afford to buy shoes have feet that are infested with jiggers. This would be greatly reduced if the floors were cemented (concrete).

The writing boards (black boards) are old and worn out. This makes the teachers' work difficult because without enough text books, the teachers have to use these boards at all times. It would also be helpful to add display boards on the classroom walls so that teachers can display diagrams or projects that they use as teaching tools.

Most of the windows and are old and unsafe. These need to be reinforced so that even when books are made available in future, theft will be reduced. Each classroom will require lockable metal cabinets where books will be stored for safety because these schools don't have libraries.

With your assistance, Shine the Light Kenya will improve these classrooms and make them safe for our children. Thank you.
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