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Shine the Light Kenya... Helping make a brighter future for our children.
Physical activity is essential to children regardless of their geographical location. Children will always find ways to entertain themselves and include their friends. To children in the schools with whom we're working a soccer ball is a dream come true. I have personally delivered soccer balls to these schools and seen the glee on the faces of these children. Even without shoes they enjoy playing all the same.

In all these schools their soccer balls were either torn or deflated, but the children still played with them. They may have two sticks as goal posts but no nets. Boys mostly play soccer while the girls play net ball. The schools can't afford a ball for the girls, however, so they just sit or walk around in groups, talking.

The playgrounds are bare with no grass, and gym facilities are unheard of. These children are very creative in spite of their limited resources. Some make their own soccer balls out of plastic or paper, and others craft small toy cars out of wire. While they don't have TV's at home those who can afford radios listen to soccer games, so they at least know the rules.

These children have a lot of potential, but due to lack of facilities and equipment they can't compete with their counterparts in urban or private schools. Shine The Light Kenya sees this potential and is working on raising the standard in these schools by providing sports facilities and equipment. Please join us in this effort.

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