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Shine the Light Kenya... Helping make a brighter future for our children.
Teachers are an important cornerstone in the building of a bright future for any nation. With gifted and dedicated teachers, students thrive and are able to focus on a bright future. Kenya's education system was initiated by dedicated missionaries with the backing of young men and women who were eager to learn.

 Those students who were committed to education became the first cabinet ministers in the first government that was formed in 1963, when Kenya gained her independence from the British. Others thrived in businesses and careers that became a strong foundation for the Kenya Government. The country grew rapidly in the 1960's and 70's because people were focused on education. Teachers were respected by students and in their communities.

In the schools we work with, teachers are still respected by students and in their communities but the education system has let them down. They are underpaid and overloaded with work. In one of these schools, there are twenty (20) teachers for almost 800 students and in another schools, there are eleven (11) teachers for almost 500 students.

The teachers state that the Teachers Service Commission can't afford to pay for more teachers. These teachers are under paid. In recent years, there have been multiple teachers’ strikes, demanding a pay raise. This affects students’ performance greatly especially in a system that success is determined by a final national exam. Failure to pass this exam means that students can't be promoted to high schools. They drop out of school and end up working for daily wages or engaging in illegal activities to earn a living.

Shine The Light Kenya is dedicated to addressing this important issue in the near future. We will keep you posted. Thank you.
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