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Shine the Light Kenya... Helping make a brighter future for our children.
Shine The Light Kenya has listed water as the most urgent need that faces the three schools. Children have been forced to come to school carrying containers of water to use for the day. In one school, the students draw this water from a stream that is contaminated with chemicals used in farms because this is the only free water available. In another school, there are large containers that tap rain water within the school compound. This predisposes the children to metal poisoning as the school roofs wear out.This water is rationed and is only available during the rainy season. When it runs out the students are forced to bring in water from home.

 Students go without drinking water the whole day. They use very dirty toilets and are unable to wash their hands. It is painful to even think of how these children go from day to day without water. Shine the Light Kenya envisions schools whereby children will enjoy this gift of life without limitations. Please join us in this effort.
Providing Water
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